We are the only company in the area that provides high quality aerial video. CODE 3 Video Productions has the knowledge and experience to operate very specialized gyro stabilized cameras mounted to aircraft. This is the absolute only aerial camera technology that permits a camera to zoom in and maintain a 100% smooth image. Click here to see our HD Aerial Stock Footage available for license.



  • Aerial Media Production
  • Live Broadcast
  • Surveillance
  • Utility Inspection
  • GIS Mapping
  • Real Estate
  • Construction Progression
  • Air to Air Video of Aircraft


We are experienced in operating these sophisticated cameras for local television stations and networks, as well as providing aerial coverage for large-scale documentaries, construction progress and corporate clients. These cameras offer high-quality, smooth flowing shots that can only be achieved with 5 axis gimbal cameras fixed to aircraft. We used exterior mounted gyro stabilized cameras such as the Flir Ultra Media HD or Cineflex. Airplanes are ideal for projects that do not require a lot of maneuvering at lower altitudes or hovering. Helicopters are ideal for lower altitudes, slower speeds and more maneuverability.


We are also able to provide aerial video services for disaster documentation including train derailments, transportation accidents, fire losses, insurance claims, natural disaster documentation for state and federal aid and documentation for legal purposes.


We are your source for premier aerial cinematography in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding region. For additional information about our aerial service, please contact us today.












Click here for more info abou the Cineflex HD


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